It’s a tough job keeping track of life for some and almost impossible for others. Life is such a MASSIVE issue, how do we possibly measure the good and the not so good that goes on during our “freight train” of a life? Our way at J+Adhaus is by using…..
wait for it…..
The LIFE CHART! (perceived value of fulfillment)
“There is no reality in Life, there is only perception.” -Richard Hoy-
Its split into 10 categories;
1. Love & Romance
2. Knowledge & Wisdom
3. Community
4. Health & Fitness
5. Rest & Relaxation
6. Friends & Social Life
7. Business & Career
8. Home & Family
9. Personal Finance
10. Spiritual
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Advertising isn’t just about hard work – at J+Adhaus it’s about loving life, people & advertising! Being Happy, Healthy & Purposeful. Take a glance at the pictures, we share our thoughts about Life in separate Teams, enjoy!

ALG – January (Part 2)
Richard Hoy, a great Finance Consultant & Life Coach was kind enough to spare some time for us at J+Adhaus to enlighten us on “Wealth Management”
(Richard Hoy, 2nd from Left)
A lot of Richard’s wisdom was circulating the room, he threw across 2 very interesting questions;
Is it better to have more of what you want? or, Enjoy more of what you have?
Interested to know which one is better?
The key is to get a balance of both. To get more of what you want but also enjoy and appreciate what you have.
According to Richard, wealth management can be split into 4 parts;
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