Has been here for 3 days~~~

People in the adhaus are funny and nice~~~!!

Here are some interesting stuffs that i have seen~~~~

Idea vomit Session~~~ (CC+J culture ideas brainstorm session)

Why Creative Director Joescher holding Mok’s chin one….

Actually, they are doing mind communication with body language….
Deadline tomorrow, stress lah, relax abit~~~
Why Mok lie on floor one? Did Chin Yong beaten him and escape?
No lah~~~! A little bit of “body contact” helps stimulas the mind one….
This is how “stress can kill people”. But, some of them like to express “Physically” on others….

Well, those are so far what i have discovered from the adhaus…
It you want more, stay tuned at “Fun Things in the Haus”.

CeNt’s exclusive report~~