Cents is in the haus and he’s here to stay, people!!

Armed with his deep knowledge & ready to shine, he took down his competitors just like that in his debut into Interesting Sharing… Mok, our reining champion didn’t stand a chance and was left in the dust of his victory..

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am please to announce that Cent has brought back the CC+J tradition of winning in the first round (which I broke… T_T )!!

*Crowd goes wild with stomps and standing ovation*

In his winning sharing, Cent shared about “habits”. He commented that a habit is hard to change because when you take away the “h” you still have “abit”. When you then take away the “a”, there’s still a “bit”.

Therefore to change a habit, you first have to change your thoughts. When you change one of your thoughts, your behaviour will change. When your behaviour change, your habit will change. When your habit change, your personality will change. When your personality change, then your fate and destiny will change..

Makes your jaw drop, doesn’t it? A really interesting insight to how you can take reponsibility on your life.. So let’s all stop being a victim and start being responsible!

(Others) For Office Use:
Chin Yong shared on http://www.newwebpick.com/, a worldwide portal on design news, update and discussions.
Joescher shared on giving and how he gave by sponsoring a child through World Vision. He quoted “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” by Winston Churchill.
Henry shared on a design hub in Singapore called Old School where the founders have the concept of something old bringing out something new. http://www.oldschool.sg/
Zen shared on How the way a cigarette burns round and round relates to how one’s life can go round and round but at the end it’s all about how you enjoy life.
Crystal shared on why the fourth finger is the ring finger.
Mok shared on the book “Born on a Blue Day” about how an asperger strived through life, found his uniqueness and is now a famous author. Mok feels that we should all focus on our own unique selling point and focus on it as a catalyst for success.
Sharon shared on The Gourmet Garden Company, a landscaping company in UK where the objective is to not have a nice yet useless garden but have a nice and useful garden with plants that can be harvested and eaten. http://www.thegourmetgardencompany.org.uk/

Cent 4, Mok 2, Crystal 1, Zen 1, Sharon 0, Chin Yong 0, Henry 0, Joescher 0