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Title: Super Sync Sports Mobile Game
Summary: Google Chrome UK have just released this new Chrome Experiment called ‘Super Sync Sport‘ which, as the name suggests, allows players to sync their mobile phones and tablets to be used as a remote control.Once you’ve chosen a game, you’ll use your mobile to run, swim and cycle your way to victory, whilst the game plays out on your desktop or notebook.



Title: Strut
Summary: Present your presentation like a motion graphic instead like a traditional slideshow!



Title: Test Your Awareness
Summary: How aware are you with the surrounding of your daily life? It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for. This video reminds us to be more aware or observant to the things around us which will make us appreciative and creative.



Title: 20 Presentation Secrets You Won’t Find Elsewhere 

Summary: A very useful and effective tips on making a presentation.


Title: Nandos Goes Malaysian

Summary: This campaign is one of the most effective works in Malaysia when it comes to localising an overseas brand. Kudos to Creative Juice for setting the excellence.



Title: 7 Steps to Work-Life Balance

Summary: Working in the creative industry requires high commitment in time and this presentation is a great reminder for us on setting a balanced life.


[gview file=”http://www.joescher.com/2.0/wp-content/uploads/slides/7tipstoworklifebalance.pdf”]