This past week, secretaries all over the world stepped into the limelight as Secretaries Week took place. And Sime Darby Convention Centre, one of CC+J Adhaus’ clients, shared in the festivities as they held their first-ever Secretaries Luncheon.

The CC+J team was commissioned to develop a full campaign – press ads, flyers, posters, tickets, billboard – to promote and enhance the event. “Whatever it takes,” in the client’s words. “To fill up the hall on that day.”

To ensure that the campaign would appeal to bosses, we first identified several key reasons for them to send their secretaries to a social event with no immediate benefits.

a) Emotional gratitude – Simply because they’re kind bosses (“When was the last time you made your secretary smile?”)
b) Face value – Because they want to appear as kind bosses (“A good boss rewards his secretary.”)
c) Productivity – A happy secretary would uplift the workplace. (“A happy secretary makes her boss happy as well.”)

It became apparent that the Approach C worked best. Approach A was done to death and seemed preachy. Approach B appeared cold and conniving. However, Approach C was comparatively fresh and appealed to both bosses and secretaries.

From there, the campaign message of ‘Everyone loves a happy secretary’ was developed and tested on 3 different visual approaches.

Visual Approach 1: Graphical, vibrant, colourful

Visual Approach 2: Traditional, Warm, Humanist appeal

Visual Approach 3: Iconic, Typographical, Friendly

The client chose Option 3, an approach that best reflected the mood and theme of the event. Next came the full range of event items, further developed from this visual direction:


Press Ad in New Straits Times, The Edge, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia


Flyer (Front and back)




Have a Happy Secretaries Day, all! Don’t forget to keep her happy. =)