The reason I’m writing this post is because I’ve seen too many of these brands in the market, and as a brand building firm, we have worked with more than 100 brands over 23 industries. It is simple for us to spot and identify a brand that is leading down to the grave.

We can’t go to all of them to tell about this, but I hope that they can read this post instead.

The answer is obvious from the pictures above.
Of course, those brands you see in the market are not that extreme in similarity, but somehow you still can sense or feel the “Me Too-ness.”

Yes. A “Me Too” brand.

Well, many brand owners will make this deadliest mistake.
When you see Old Town White Coffee rose up as a brand, you can now find, New town, Home town, Down town white coffee and 30 more.
When there is Chatime, your find Teatime, Drinktime, ChaTea, and 3o more.
You can either see it in the naming or the usually more obvious are the look and feel of outlet.

Why PappaRich can stand out from the rest of the Kopitiam? To me, it is another brand that follow the footsteps of Old Town White Coffee, however, it created new image from naming to its look, of course it has differentiation on its food offer compare to Old Town, can you imagine if PappaRich started as PappaTown White Coffee and with the brown and yellow identity. Even if it’s offer what it is offering right now, do you think it will be as successful as they are today?

I can’t blame the business owners who did this or doing this, most of them i’m sure the intention is not to just copy, but to wanting to succeed by following the same recipe, because most of them follow the golden business principle.

“Follow the same recipe and you make the same cake”

Yes, it is true for business systems and processes, but absolutely not for branding.

You can follow the business systems and processes, even to a certain extent like SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), but you must create your own brand identity.

A brand is a business with personality. Therefore, you must create your own personality.
What is the heart of your brand? What are the beliefs? Why did it start in the first place? What value can it add to the customers and the market? What difference can it bring into the lives of the customers? What is the brand story? What is the brand image? What would be the type of action and behaviour your brand has? What is the name of this brand? (Make sure not similar to your competitor and leading brands) How do you differentiate your brand with other brands in the market? Most importantly, how can you create a brand system to be add-on to your business system?

The goal is not only to create a brand, but a purposefulengaging and beautiful brand in order to succeed in the market place, or in the world of brands.

The world is enough of “Me Too brands” and over flooded with brands who just want to make a living, the world need brands that genuinely want to make a difference, and the world is craving for brands that not only can make a difference, but make history.

May your brand be the one which makes a difference, and with God’s grace, make history.

P.S – Please share this post with anyone you know who owns a brand which in your opinion, a “Me Too” brand. You might save their brand (Which not really theirs; in the first place, it’s a shadow of the brand they try to be), and save them from going to the grave of “Me Too” brands.