This week’s interesthing sharing is quite different from what we normally do.

We’ve shared about mock case study for our clients. Yes! not the real one. This week’s sharing is more of an exercise for us to practice and learn on casing our works.

In fact, this allowed us to expand our imagination and realize that creating case studies is exciting, especially when we see what we’ve done and achieved for our clients.

So here you go…

***Disclaimer: remember, the following case studies are only made-up  works; they’re done for training purposes only.***

Wen Li and Edison shared about Gene Martino, a sedondon Malay family clothing brand.


Then followed by Max & Ivan who shared their campaign ideas for Community at Heart, a non profit charity organization helping the poor communities, orphans and abused women.

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Lastly, Jossie and Coney who shared opening campaign for The Leverage Business Hotel, an business boutique hotel  targeting business owners or small-medium sized entrepreneurs.

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